Fabulous Films: A Two-Part Party

It is extremely rare that I ever see a movie in theaters.  Mostly because I am both poor and lazy, and the combination makes spending $10 to walk three blocks through the cold rarely worth my time and effort. Exhibit A: the last time I saw a movie in a theater was when I got a free ticket to Finding Nemo in 3-D, and it was really hard for me to force myself to go even though it was free because it was so far away. Also, I fell asleep during it (whoops).

Now: a big thank-you to my mother for trying to make me feel better about the fact that basically my whole life is being ripped away from me by taking me to the movies! Two times in the past two days! Whoa! This is a whole new world.

Our adventure began yesterday afternoon when we hit up the afternoon showing of Pitch Perfect. I found the idea of this movie rather intriguing, especially since I am so invested in the lively world of college a cappella. I was also completely ready to see aspects of my own experiences in the movie, since the screenwriter was actually a graduate of my university who participated in our specific brand of a cappella “scene.” Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely an exaggerated picture of what goes on in our world, but man, were there times when I felt that startling “ping” of accuracy. As a member of an all-female a cappella group, I totally relate to the reception of all-female a cappella as frustrating and difficult. It is really hard for a group of girls to produce a really full sound without all the low notes, and most of the time I feel like groups are judged based on their appearance more than their sound. That’s definitely something we’ve tried to fight within my group by tackling unconventional, un-girly songs – but of course, we haven’t met with movie fairy-tale success. Altogether, though, it was an entertaining movie with some impressive performances (and OMG THE ENDING SO CUTE). Plus, Rebel Wilson. That’s all.

This afternoon, after my parents finished packing up my room (I say “my parents” because I didn’t really help that much unless sitting on my trunk on the curb counts), we decided that we should see Perks of Being a Wallflower. None of us have read the book, but the movie’s gotten awesome reviews and everyone who’s seen it has recommended it, so we thought we’d culture ourselves. It was, in fact, really good. I’ve loved Logan Lerman since his “Jack and Bobby” days (if you don’t know what that is, please look it up) so I knew he’d impress me, but Ezra Miller was absolutely INCREDIBLE. Emma Watson was just okay – her American accent was atrocious, but I’ll give her points for trying. I’m definitely going to sit down and read the book with all my newfound free time, although I’m sure the author did a great job of adapting his own book into a screenplay so there shouldn’t be any terrible discrepancies. Sadly, I’ll probably always like the movie better because I saw it first, but I’m sure the book will also be amazing.

As much as I’ve loved my traipse into cinema in the last two days, I will soon go back to my stubborn, lazy way of refusing to see movies in the theater. Although I will say that our movie today cost $5 a person (gotta love those bargain matinees) and the fact that we drove there made it FAR more bearable. I’m destined to watch movies on Netflix for the rest of my life, and I’m kind of okay with that.


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