An Open Letter to My Best Friend


The day I met you, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. You were stunning and well-dressed and friendly, and I knew immediately that you were the kind of girl who would walk into a room and make everybody pay attention to her without doing anything at all.

Not like me, anyway. The eternal wallflower.

I’ll admit that I never thought we’d be friends, mostly because I didn’t really think I was in your league of human being. You struck me as popular, social, well-liked, sophisticated. The person I’d always admired but never known.

It was unfair of me to categorize you like that. I would learn later that in many ways we were completely identical, and that we shared the same struggles and insecurities. I had no way of knowing that one day we would inadvertently order our coffee the exact same way and walk away from a shopping trip with the same articles of clothing, and at the time I never would have believed it.

I was right about some things, though. You ARE stunning, and the more I get to know you the more beauty I see. You ARE friendly, and every person who meets you is a better for it. You turn heads not just because you’re gorgeous, but because you exude grace and intelligence and positivity. You are incredibly funny, endearing, thoughtful, and strong – and I am here to remind you of all those things when you are unable to see them yourself.

I wish that for just one day, you could step into my shoes and see yourself the way I see you. I desperately want you to understand how important you are to the people who know you and how much happiness and love you truly deserve.

We were going through hell when we met. And we still are. After all, the road out of hell isn’t easy to find, or to stick to. But we’ve always, always, always got each other.



  1. a complete stranger loves this letter, and also loves what i know of your friendship from reading it. it made me happy. thank you.

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