Maybe It Wasn’t Meant To Be

Today I’m doing something a little different by sharing a piece I didn’t write. I mean, but actually, there’s no way I could have penned anything this beautiful.

This piece captures everything I want to say but can’t. Thanks, Kovie Biakolo, for putting my thoughts into words.

Thought Catalog

People can be perfect on paper; they can be perfect in person, and yet the stars just appear to be unaligned. And I suppose you can wonder about all the times you should have said something, the times you should have taken that five seconds of courage. But maybe this just also leads to wondering why they didn’t say something , why they didn’t take those five second of courage. Maybe crushes are always and only meant to crush. Because no matter how dressed in perfection they may seem and you believe together you could be; if it hasn’t come to pass, maybe it’s because it wasn’t meant to be.

I think in these modern days, however advanced we think we are; however much we tell ourselves that there are plenty of fish in the sea (and with over seven billion people in the world, there are.) Still, the rules of…

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