10 Things I Believe In

1. I believe in lazy Sundays. Sometimes I believe in 6AM, but not on Sundays. Once a week the world can wait a few hours while I continue to dream.

2. I believe in hot, strong coffee. Bitter and black. I believe that cream and sugar taint its magic.

3. I believe in family. Not just the ones we’re born into, but the ones we create for ourselves as well. I believe in the power of a family’s unconditional love.

4. I believe in failure. Lessons are learned through failure that can’t be learned any other way. I believe there is no success without defeat.

5. I believe in whining a little and crying a little and being a little stubborn and being a little jealous. We can’t be perfect all the time. We can let ourselves be a little bit human.

6. I believe in snowball fights. I believe in snowpants and hats with earflaps and warm, steaming mugs of hot cocoa.

7. I believe in soul mates. But I don’t believe that everybody has exactly one. Some souls need a whole bunch of others to be complete, and some can be complete all on their own. Any of those are okay.

8. I believe in storytelling. One lifetime is not nearly enough adventure to satisfy us, and that is why we read.

9. I believe in the uncertainty of the future. It is impossible to be sure what tomorrow will bring. That’s good. I believe we should be kept on our toes.

10. I believe in the beauty that surrounds us every day. I believe that all people and places and things have a unique light that is so often ignored. It is only by letting each of them shine that the cracks in the world open to us the brightness of being alive.



  1. Beautifully composed list. There is nothing netter than a lazy sunday. I believe in whinimg and crying a little, but I never seem to do it. Great idea for a post, I may follow suit!

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