Thanks for the Memories

This Thanksgiving, I am surrounded by family – doting grandparents, fabulous aunt and uncle, adorable tiny cousins. Sure, I’m sad that I’m not with my parents or my brother this year, but if I had to be stuck anywhere else, I’m glad it’s here.

Screenshot 2013-11-28 19.51.51

Oh, and you know who ISN’T at the Thanksgiving table this year?

My eating disorder.

Feels pretty damn amazing.



      1. Hmmm… well I definitely meant “Eating Disorder” but the only other one I can think of is “Emergency Detention” and that’s because I work at a Psych Hospital.

      2. OOOOH my gosh– see, these are the things I miss out on for not having a TV or something.

        Well, Gwen… I hope that there was not any sort of erectile anything (dysfunction or stellar performance) present at your Thanksgiving dinner.

        And now I feel like a troll 😉

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