Throwback Thursday: A Poem

“Identity” (11/12/08)

Who am I?
Who says I know?
I am a jigsaw puzzle
Made of a million different pieces—
Some are lost,
Some are dusty,
Some haven’t been placed yet
Because they haven’t found anywhere to fit.
Some people give up and say I’m too hard to figure out.
How can you go anywhere
When you can’t even put yourself together?
But I don’t have to know where all my pieces are,
They don’t have to fit.
I am incomplete,
But I look ahead.
There’s a picture on the box
Where I see myself whole.

Who am I?
Who says I have to know?
My future is calling,
And I’m calling myself
To define nothing,
To experience everything,
To pretend I’m not looking for those pieces
And let them show up on their own.
Who am I?
I am undiscovered,
I am a mystery,
I am a million little pieces
Just waiting to become something beautiful.



  1. Your words that have so much meaning, put a light in my chest and the want to stick to becoming who I am. &To keep moving forward to allow that beauty to enhance me. I like your writing. I like you. I like what you have to say.

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